Ore allows you to manage your coorperative, association, thrift or group.
With Ore you no longer need to manually track members, their contributions, loans and outstanding payments.
Ore handles all this for you and provides ease-of-use


Easily pay contributions. Track payments. Earn dividends daily

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Loans & Repayments

Apply for loans online. Borrow without collateral. Earn dividends on repayments

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Track your investments. Pay dividends to members. Reward equity

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Ore partners with Coorperatives and micro-lending institutions to build enduring, era-defining solutions that deliver distinct value to members.


Coorperatives & Groups


Loans & Repayments




Forward Thinking

Ore aligns with CBN Financial Inclusion Strategy by minimizing all barriers to financial inclusion



Receive payments easily with mCASH
Your members make contributions with a simple USSD string, and the payments are registered in real-time on Ore

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Automated loan disbursement. 2-Factor Authentication for Initiating and Authorizing Disbursement.

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Flexible Pricing Plans



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  • Up to 20 users
  • Automated Disbursement
  • Payment Integration
  • Limited Support
  • Transaction charges


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  • Up to 60 users
  • Automated Disbursement
  • Payment Integration
  • Unlimited Support
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  • Min. of 60 users
  • Automated Disbursement
  • Payment Integration
  • Unlimited Support
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Need Help Managing Your Coorperative?

We provide Coorporative Management Outsourcing Services


  • How do I sign up?

    Ore is Free. You can Sign Up Here.  

    When signing up select one of two options:

    1. Register Only if you were invited by a friend or you account has already be created by your Administrator. 

    2. Select Register and Create a new Circle of you want to set up a new circle to manage as the Administrator

  • How do I add members?

    You can add members in several ways:

    1. Click Invite a Friend

    2. As an Administrator, Go to Administration > New Member to create a new member

    3. Bulk Member Upload: You can also bulk upload members using a .csv text file.

  • What is a Circle?

    A circle is the functional unit of Ore. A circle is equivalent to a Group ( a coorporative, association or collective).
    All users belong to a circle. 

    You can create a circle when signing up or join an existing circle by invitation.

    A circle has a bank account where members remit their contributions. Ore allows you to configure many options for how your circle functions such as Minimum Contributions, Late Savings Penalty, Share Reserve Distributions ( ie. how your dividends can be shared amongst members)

    As a circle you can manage contributions, loans, repayments, investments and dividends. 

  • How do members pay contributions?

    You can pay contributions: 

    1. Manually: Pay into you group account and inform your Administrator to register the payment on Ore

    2. Pay with mCASH USSD code:  Use mCASH to pay. Payments are automatically registered into your account

    3. Online Payment: Use the Web Payment Gateway configured on Ore

  • What is automated funds disburement?

    Automated funds disbursement allows you to disburse funds to your members easily within Ore.

    Once a disbursement has been approved ( You assign roles to approve loans), you can disburse the funds immediately. 

    There is 2-step authentication process for disbursement, ensuring security and proper approval before funds are disbursed to a member. With Ore you can assign roles to determine who initiates transactions and who approves.

  • Can we view financial reports?

    An easy-to-use accounting system has been designed into Ore. With this you can view financial reports such as:

    1. All Transactions

    2. Balance Sheet

    3. P&L Statement

    4. Trial Balance

    You can also filter and generate reports in Excel, Graphs and Charts

  • How does Ore process loans?

    Members can apply online for Loans by logging into Ore and go to Loans > Apply.

    Once submitted, Loan Managers are notified by email to approve the loan.

    Once approved, Account Signatories are notified to Initiate and approve disbursement.

    Members receive the funds instantly once approved.

  • What about Investment & Dividends?

    Ore allows you to manage your coorperative investments easily. Ore can help you calculate and generate  expected dividends.

    You can configure how the dividends can be shared to your members from your Settings.

    You can create and configure different Investment types & Dividend types.

  • What is Automated Credit Recovery Engine (ACRE)?

    Automated credit recovery engine (ACRE) is an automated tool that helps the group recover outstanding payments on loans using a pre-configured repayment plan that retrieves funds from borrower contributions and/or their guarantors (another feature that allows you to set guarantors before a loan/fund can be disbursed, thus minimizing risk).

    Once a loan and all its interest is fully recovered ACRE will initiate a Loan Closure Adjustment to stop generating interest.

    With ACRE you can minimize the risk of bad loans, ensuring that no matter how long it takes, you can recover the loan.

    ACRE can be enabled/disabled from your Settings